Sarahah App Secret Messaging App

Sarahah App - Secret Messaging App

Sarahah App Secret Messaging App

Sarahah App Secret Messaging App was launched 2017 and this app was trending everywhere. Especially this app was trending in India very much as we know anything can trend in India. At present (2017) Sarahah app tops on the chart of Play Store App beating all other apps. Sarahah app Secret Messaging app basically is a (Anonymous) Secret Sending Messaging App.

Sarahah App Working

You can create an account in Sarahah App - Secret Messaging App from its official website and also from its app which is available in Play Store. Making an account in this is very simple and straight forward like any other social media accounts.

After creating the account you can send messages to anyone and it will send the message anonymously. Its means that your name will not be revealed and only message will be send. Likewise any other person to can send messages to you and here also the sender name will not be shown to you.

In this app you can you can flag or report a message which is sent to you. You can also block a user. There is also a favorite a message.                       

Sarahah App on Play Store

Sarahah App Secret Messaging App is downloaded by more than 10 million users on Play Store. The rating of Sarahah App on Play Store presently is 3.1 and this app is rated by total of 33,749 people. Over 13,385 people have rated 5 Star to this app and 11,255 people have rated 1 Star to it. Ratings 4 Star by 2,683 people, 3 Star by 3,614 people and 2 Star by 2,712 people.

Concept of Sarahah App

The concept of Sarahah app is not new. In earlier times people used to send messages and letters like same way. The only difference is of time and way. They used to write that it was sent by your loving one or something like that. This anonymous way of sending message is old but now messages are send in new way but concept is same.

Like this Sarahah App there are also many apps developed like this. One of them is ASKfm App.

Sarahah App – Problems/Negatives

Sarahah App is made for sending constructive messages as you could see while sending a message in this app. But when Anonymous word is heard by people, their mind goes wrong. People start taking it for granted and send hateful messages and it is increasing day by day.

It results in increase in CYBER BULLYING. Since name of sender is not revealed or shown, people send hateful messages. This is the worst part of this app as you cannot reply to any message. You can block or report the user. These types of hateful messages can affect a person’s mind especially to a girl.                                       

Sarahah App – Is it really Anonymous?

Technically speaking, NO one is 100% anonymous on Internet. It means that people can be found out or traced. Sarahah app Company has all the information by the way. You can easily be trace by your IP address. If there is big threat to anyone, strict action can be taken to people.

So if you use this app use it in constructive way.

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