Top 10 Features of Android Oreo 8.0

Top 10 Features Of Android Oreo 8.0

Top 10 Features of Android Oreo 8.0

Finally Android has launched the Android 8.0 operating system which is known as Android Oreo. The visual display of Android Oreo is not much different from Android Nougat. But there is lot of changes behind the scene. Google says that the performance in Android Oreo is improved more. So, here are the top 10 features of Android Oreo 8.0.

1. Phone Speed – In Android Oreo, the boot up time will be reduced by 50%. This means the phones will be 2X times faster. This has been tested in Google pixel phones and it means other phones are also going to boot up very fast. If you switch off and switch on your phone, it will come in working mode very fast.

2. Background App – In Android Oreo, Android is going to monitor background app very efficiently now. Previously many apps in background were using the resources of the phone unnecessarily but now it is not going to happen now anymore. Hence, the battery life and the performance of the phone will be maintained.

3. Auto Fill – In this feature, if you use an app and fills user id and password, then it can be stored in the phone by your permission. It will be very helpful as it will save your time. Next time if user id and password is asked it can be filled automatically. This is like inbuilt password in Android Oreo.

4. Picture in Picture – In Android Oreo, if you play a YouTube video, Skype call or Duo call, then you can use ‘picture in picture’ mode. Here the video will be minimized and the apps in the background can be used. It is not new but now this feature will be supporting most of the apps.

5. Notification Dots – In this feature, you will see a dot on the apps which are placed on home screen. If you long press the app you will be able to see notifications which are coming from that particular app.

6. Android Instant App – In this feature, you can directly teleport into new apps from the browser. Here you will not be required to install the apps. It is not also new but Google is going to push it more.

7. Google Play Protect – As you know about Google Play Protect it scans the apps in Play store and remove the app which are infected with virus. It is going to work more efficiently in Android Oreo and in general you will get smooth performance.

8. Setting Menu – The setting menu has been changed a little bit. Here the categories are changed and made simpler than previous one.

9. New Emoji – Now will see new emojis in Android Oreo. During chats and writing you can use the new emojis to design more.

10. New App Icon – Now in Android Oreo, you will be able to change the icons of the apps.

These were the top 10 features of Android Oreo 8.0 which you are going to see now. Regarding the updates of Android Oreo, Google and Nexus phones are getting the updates for Android Oreo 8.0. Later the updates will come fast in Flagship phones but not sure when this update will come in budget category phones. It may or may not come in budget phones.

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