Top 5 Smartphones Battery Myths

Top 5 Smartphones Battery Myths

Batteries are everywhere, means that they are used in mobile phones, laptops, remotes and many other devices. Taking about smartphones, the batteries used in them are lithium ion batteries. And there are lots of myths developed among people about the batteries used in smartphones. Are they true? So, let’s discuss the top 5 Smartphones battery myths one by one.

The first myth is that after buying a new smartphone you have to charge your smartphone for 8 to 10 hours. And then only you will get good battery life. This is NOT TRUE. After you buy a new smartphone there is already some battery in it and you can use it normally to use your phone without charging up to 10 hours. If there is low battery you just have to charge it to full and then use it. You don’t have to charge for a long time like 8 to 10 hours.

The second myth is that you have to charge your smartphone up to 100% and use it until the battery gets over up to 0%. And by this you will get a complete battery cycle. This is also NOT TRUE. It’s because if you follow this your battery’s performance will slowly gets down. The lithium ion batteries used in smartphones are best to use under a certain range and the range is 20% to 90%. There is no problem if the battery level goes below 20% but if you want to use your smartphone for long time like 3 to 4 years. And want a good battery life without any replacement then you should use your phone from 20% to 90% battery level.

The third myth is very common among people and that is about over charging. Can you charge your smart phone over night? YES, you can charge your smartphones over night or mistakenly if you over charge your phone, it’s not going affect your battery. Smartphones are really smart as they auto cuts the power if battery gets fully charged. You only have to keep in mind that the surrounding temperature is not too much hot or too much cold as both will affect the battery. As you know battery gets heated sometimes while charging so the surrounding’s temperature should be normal (not too hot neither too cold).

The fourth myth is about charging phones with other phone charges. The myth is that if you charge with your phone with some other brand chargers your battery will be affected. It is also NOT TRUE. You can charge with other brand charges and there is no problem in that but you have to keep certain things in mind. First, the charger of whichever brand should be original one and not duplicate one. And second, the output of the charger should be same as of yours (5V).

The fifth myth is that while charging your smartphone you should not use your smartphone otherwise it will BLAST. Is it, No this myth is wrong. You can use your smartphone while charging but you should see that your phone is not heated so much. If the phone is heated and you are using it while charging, then it will certainly affect your phone’s battery life But don’t worry your phone is not going to blast.

These were the top 5 smartphones battery myths and hope you understood it. If you want a good battery life then follow the tips mentioned.
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