UC Browser Sending Data to China

UC Browser Sending Data to China

UC Browser Sending Data to China

Which browser are you using in your smartphones? Most of your answer would be UC Browser, is it? UC Browser is India’s most popular mobile browser which is used. But guys do you know that UC Browser is spying your activity (Don't Use UC Browser Sending Data to China). It is reported that UC Browser is sending data of Indian users to China which is now examined by the government. It is searched by the government, how this browser sends details of users and locations to a remote server.

UC Browser is an app owned by Alibaba Group and it is the most used browsing app by Indians. The main highlighting feature of this browser is its speed. The reason being that it compresses the webpage which you request and hence the load time is reduced.

UC Browser is examined by the government in a lab in Hyderabad which is Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC). If after the examination UC Browser is found guilty of sending users data to a remote server, it could be banned in India.

Now one important thing to be noted that when you download UC Browser and opens for the first time it asks some permission to be allowed. The first one is ‘Allow UC Browser to make and manage phone calls?’ and second one is ‘Allow UC Browser to access to photos, media and files on your device?’ and sometimes while browsing it asks permission for gps location.

You should think once why this browser un-necessarily asking permission for phone calls and other details.

Now taking about how many of the Indians use this browser. Its around 60% of the Indian user who are using this app and having the highest share of the market in India. After UC Browser, comes Google Chrome which is used by nearly 30% Indian users. Rest of the 10% uses Opera and other browser.

Earlier in 2015, it was reported that Alibaba Group had leaked users data for $1 billion. With the rising tension between India and China it is possible that this app is sending users data to China and if is so then it is not good for India.

It is recommended that you should uninstall UC Browser and use the trusted browser Google Chrome by Google. I have made a slogan which is the title "Don't Use UC Browser Sending Data to China". Just share it Guys.

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