Selfie Password, Payment and Authentication

Selfie Password, Payment and Authentication

Selfie Password, Payment and Authentication
You guys would be familiar with the word 'Selfie', right. Daily people take selfie and share it on different accounts but for sharing on accounts you have to make Ids and passwords. In future what happens if your selfie becomes your password. Selfie Password Payment and Authentication is one of the future methods which is going to come.

Friends, think that after 10 to 15 years will you be using the same typical passwords like "1234" and would have to remember like that. Besides iris scanning, fingerprint scanning, brainwave scanning and Hi-tech solutions, Selfie payment is also important thing. Your identity is very important and it can be implemented on payment methods. MasterCard, Amazon and other big companies are trying how they can use selfie to authenticate people.

It is not new as you would have seen in some smartphones face lock option but that was a starting stage. It was not very accurate sometimes and doesn't work properly. Now Apple company is planning to track the exact and perfect face of people to unlock the smart phones of Apple.

This is how you will see in future of the online world, where if you have to create an account and to verify it you have to use your selfie. If you are using a card for payment, then you have to upload your selfie and the server of the company will verified it.

But there is always a doubt, if someone have your photo he can use your photo to authenticate it without being known to you and there are many options like that. But to counter them there are several measures like the system will ask you to smile sometimes, close one eye, turn your head,
bent down and many other options. This is how the system will try to identify you that you are the person who is the real owner of the account.

But there is a security issue you will prefer 4 pin password rather than to take a selfie and upload it with the perfect pose but this payment method is seriously working out by the companies.

Amazon is talking about selfie payments that if you purchase an item then it can be used. Maybe as a two-step verification Method can be used. Amazon has patent a file for this payment method.

Now there is camera in every mobile phone tablets laptops computers and so this selfie
password payment and authentication can be used. The three main things for this selfie payment is 'PIE' where P is for pose, I for illumination E for expression. If your camera quality is good the accuracy of the verification will increase.

This Selfie Password Payment and Authentication is bit interesting but let's see when it comes in action. Comment down below what you think of this selfie payment option.

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